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garfield fun facts

This is where I'll post a new Garfield fact whenever I can. 


A list of facts

  1. Garfield lives in Muncie, Indiana. 

  2. Garfield's last name is Arbuckle, because his owner Jon's last name is arbuckle.

  3. garfield has the world record for the most syndicated comic strip, having more than 2500 publications syndicating him.

  4. although odie cannot think or speak because he's stupider than a rock, he has thought once, "i'm hungry" in the june 15th, 1982 strip. 

  5. the garfield franchise is worth over 800 million dollars. 

  6. Garfield has a mother, but it's never mentioned that he has a father. 

  7. The Garfield show, Garfield's CGI TV show, has 5 seasons and ran from 2009-2016.

  8. His animated show, Garfield and friends, ran for 7 seasons and 6 years in the mid 80s to 90s. Many people were introduced to the fat cat through watching this very successful show during their childhood.

  9. Garfield has 5 movies: Garfield gets real, Garfield's pet force, Garfield's fun fest, and Garfield: the movie and its sequel Garfield: a tail of two kitties. 

  10. Garfield's girlfriend, arlene, has never kissed Garfield in any of the franchises except for the Garfield's fun fest movie.

  11. Jon is 6'3", and his middle name was revealed to be Quincy. 

  12. Jim davis has a brother, and his name is Doc boy, just like jon's brother doc boy!

  13. There are 3 special episodes of Garfield and friends-- Garfield's Halloween adventure, A garfield christmas, and Garfield's thanksgiving. 

  14. Jon has a cat, a dog, a girlfriend, a brother, a mother, a father, a grandmother, but no grandfather!

  15. Jon's birthday is in 1950, meaning as of 2021, he's 71; about the same age as Jim davis himself!

  16. Jim davis worked at tumbleweeds before his first comic, Gnorm gnat, worked on gnorm gnat before Jon, and worked on Jon before Garfield!

  17. Gnorm gnat would've been a success, except, as one publisher said to davis, "your gags are great, your art is awesome, but nobody can Identify with bugs!" Jim quickly realized the issue and changed the character from a household pest to a loving pet. 

  18. Garfield's character is based off of Jim davis' many cats he had on the farm he grew up on. 

  19. Jon's job is a cartoonist, although it's rarely mentioned. 

  20. If you were to say that Garfield was named after the U.S. president, you'd be partly correct! Garfield is actually named after Jim davis' grandfather, James a. Garfield davis, who was named after the president. 

  21. Garfield's name isn't ever translated ever, except for in Norway, finland and sweden, where his name is Gustav. 

  22. Davis' father likes the comic Beetle bailey more than Garfield.

  23. It took 3 years for Odie to learn how to breathe.

  24. Odie's name comes from a car dealership commercial Jim davis himself wrote; which featured Odie the village idiot.

  25. Nermal is owned by Jon's mother, although it's never mentioned in the comics. 

  26. The font used for the majority of this website is what Jim Davis uses in his comics! Called Garfield sans, it is used in the comics after the digitization. Download it here.

  27. Although odie has been portrayed as dumb, there's an 80s strip that shows him watching a tv while reading War and Peace. 

Garfield's most interesting facts (under construction)

I get most of my Garfield knowledge from the official Garfield wiki-- Check it out here

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